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Penguin of the Week, also known as PoTW, is a weekly post on Club Penguin Remade's What's New Blog every (unknown date). The PoTW is voted for by the community. The penguin with the most votes gets a post dedicated to them written by Debugger or Lame-wo. The difference of Penguin of The Week on Club Penguin Remade versus others is that the community gets to vote for who matches some of the several qualities below:

  • Kind and friendly personality - A penguin who is always caring in the community, helping others and making sure that everyone is safe.
  • An active member of the community - A penguin who is an active part of the community and is seen as entertaining.
  • Media personality - A penguin who is popular on YouTube for their skits, walkthroughs or guides about Club Penguin Remade.
  • Creative personality - A penguin who actively submits Club Penguin Remade fan art on social media.

On occasions where Debugger or Lame-wo do not think the most voted penguin match a PoTW's qualities, they would instead pick the person with the second most votes as Penguin of The Week. However, on a much more positive insight, there are many ways to become PoTW! Just make sure to play actively and interact well with others to have your shot at this honorable prize! Maybe one day your name will be listed on the table below...

Penguin of The Week

PoTW Editon Date Winner
This game isn't coming out Fuck Noah, he's a suck up.